our story

Orion and I met while living in the same apartment complex in Provo, Utah. I was part of a leadership council at the church we both attended, and one day while sitting in a meeting, someone showed a picture of Orion. I was instantly smitten!

My interest in him quickly grew as other council members mentioned his extreme intelligence, kindness, love of the Lord, and he was even deemed the greatest catch of our particular church unit. Then, as my hopes grew, they were instantly dashed as someone said, “Oh, but he has a girlfriend.”

As much as I wanted to adopt my high school mantra of, “Just ’cause there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score”, I decided to act like the grown woman I was, and patiently wait. Who knew, maybe they would break up and it work out?

Well work out, it most certainly did. It turns out that that same weekend, Orion broke up with his girlfriend. Yet, it took three weeks for me to even find out! Our church unit made a visit to the Provo Temple, and I car pooled with a guy I didn’t know named Alex. On the way home, I asked Alex if he could help me with a paper I was writing that was due that night, and Alex informed me that he couldn’t but his roommate could!

I couldn’t believe my ears as he told me that his roommate was no other than Orion Weller. I couldn’t even contain myself as I instantly blurted out, “And how are things with his girlfriend?!” Alex snickered and told me that they had broken up a few weeks previously.

What I didn’t know was that Orion had seen me at church and wanted to ask me out. He even told Alex that night that if he saw me, to put in a good word for him!

That night I ended up heading over to Orion’s apartment where he helped me with my paper. The rest is pretty much history.

We both fell head over heels pretty fast, and he ended up proposing in none other than DISNEYLAND. Orion really knows how to make a girl’s dreams come true!

I really hoped that he would propose in DisneyLand, but he told my best friend Lindsey that there was no chance. That he needed a couple more weeks before he could feel ready to be engaged.

As we were walking around Disney that first day, we both were wearing fanny packs. I had noticed halfway through the day, that there was a rectangle shape coming out of the back of his fanny pack. My curiosity, and excitement, spiked and I sure hoped I was getting engaged.

We were getting off of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when Orion noticed that he had lost his face sunscreen which also happened to be a small rectangular shape. He was pretty bummed, and I tried to console him. As we waited in line for Haunted Mansion, he found it in his fanny pack, pulling it out of the same pocket that I hoped my ring box would be in.

He? Was thrilled. I, on the other hand, was pretty let down. He could see it in my face and was really confused…

Later that day, we were getting EXHAUSTED, and I was ready to head home. But he told me I needed to hold out just a bit longer. He really wanted a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle all lit up. He asked me to go stand in line, while he was seeing if one of the photographers would be willing to take it by Snow White’s wishing well instead so it could be less crowded.

Well. He stood there being a little too happy and chatty with those photographers and I knew something was up. My heart began to race and Orion finally came back. The photographer agreed to go with us over there, and as I went to put my arm around his waist, he got really stiff. I could tell he was nervous. And after a couple shots, he was down on one knee…

Wow. I still get emotional when I think about this magical day. Even though the people around us were cheering and the camera flash was going crazy, I just remember me and him in that beautiful moment.

Our engagement was only a few months, and we were married on July fourteenth, of two thousand and eighteen. How grateful I am to be married to such a wonderful man who treats me so well!