4 Ways to Combat the Leftovers Haunting you from the Fridge

It happens to all of us. You grab the milk from the fridge for your daily bowl of Berry Colossal Crunch, and you notice the stacks of Tupperware filling the shelves of your fridge. Not to mention that your cilantro is slowly wilting, and the bananas in your fruit bowl are browning about five times faster than usual. You can’t help but sigh and shake your head that you will probably end up having to throw out lots of money worth of extra food. What’s a girl got to do?!

As soon as Orion and I got married, this scenario became something weekly. Biweekly even. I just couldn’t understand how so much food could go unused and uneaten! It varied from a container full of some pineapple chunks from the can we used for pizza, but couldn’t eat all of, to the big bag of kale I was convinced I could eat in two weeks. I would try to incorporate them into our meals, but what’s a girl to do with 6 chunks of pineapple and half a bag of kale that has already started to wilt? Does anyone even WANT to eat that ? *shudder…*

So I quickly turned once again to my favorite encyclopedia: Pinterest. I found these five ways to help all of us have cleaner fridges, and more peaceful consciences.

  1. Meal plan! Meal plan! Meal plan! I can NOT stress this one enough. When we meal plan, I can plan on what I know will be extra from the cans we use or the fruits/vegetables that we don’t need all of. I incorporate them in our meals throughout the week and make it work. I wrote a whole post on meal planning here.
  2. Get comfortable with making lunch time, leftover time. This was really hard for me for a looooong time. I felt like that eating leftovers at lunch time was a sign that either you couldn’t afford a good sandwich and chips, or your wife must be a reeeeeally good cook since you want to eat the same meal twice in twenty-four hours… Every morning before I reach for a loaf of bread and some peanut butter, I check the fridge to see what I can eat that day. Sometimes I end up throwing some random veggies into a salad, or I make a little buffet of what we have left of main dishes. As soon as I got over my little mental bump, I was perfectly fine! And our fridge clears itself out a LOT easier! Now if I could only remember to take the Tupperware out of my backpack when I got home from work each day…. whoops.
  3. CHIPS. Yes. I said it. Chips. We are talking apple chips, banana chips, potato chips, kale chips, you name it! These chips can be made in a dehydrator, the oven, or my personal favorite: the airfryer. (You can find our airfryer on Amazon here.) Really, who doesn’t love a good crispy, crunchy snack?! Plus, you can get them to last a whoooooooole lot longer. This has been the solution to my kale problem…
  4. Freeze it! Sometimes, I buy some fresh fruit just for fun, and quickly realize that there is no way I can eat it all before it goes bad. Well… into the freezer it goes! Though, beware of how you freeze things. There are many different methods, and something that could be the right method for strawberries would be totally different than how you should be freezing loaves of bread! Make sure to do your research!

Overall, I would say it’s important to maintain a good attitude. If you let your lazy or snobbish tendencies get the best of you, you’ll be putting a lot of food in the trash, and you’ll be sending a lot of money down the drain.

Hopefully you got something out of this that will give you a bit of your sanity back while reaching for that gallon of milk in the mornings. Questions? Please leave them below and I would LOVE to answer them!

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