Making “Come, Follow Me” Work as a Family of Two

I remember shortly after getting married, the “Come, Follow Me” program was released. Orion and I were trying to figure out how to make a shift from reading books about the Temple together to this orange manual filled with guided discussions. When it would come up in our regular Sunday meetings, we would exchange similar concerns with our peers. How were these guided discussions supposed to be entertaining, or even worth it, with just two of us? Couldn’t we just put it off til we started our own families and then start practicing regular Come, Follow Me habits?

Months have passed by and Orion and I still find ourselves in the occasional rut. I asked for some of the best advice other newlyweds and empty nesters have found to make this inspired program find more of a place in their lives. The purpose of this post is to share some of those tips, and hopefully help your Come, Follow Me study!

#1: Start a Group

I received this response from so many people! Many people, especially in married student wards, would get a group of couples together to do Come Follow Me together weekly. They gave assignments out to different couples who came prepared to lead different parts of the evening. Some mentioned having an activity and a treat to make it more like a fun get together rather than a weekly scripture study group.

I think that starting a group would help young couples to make lifelong friends and also build a support system wherever they may be. Many college students don’t have the privilege of being close to family, and having a built-in support system can be a great help with all of life’s ups and downs!

#2: Make it a Discussion

A couple people mentioned how it can feel treacherous to sit down and dive deep into the scriptures regularly. Because of that, they study the Come, Follow Me manual separately and then find a moment as the day winds down to discuss what they studied. A little like companion study on the mission. But they make it a smidge more informal. Sometimes over dinner, or as they put the laundry away, they make time to integrate their studies into their usual discussion.

I think this is a fantastic way to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ a part of everyday life! If one integrates it into everyday discussion, it will start to seep into all parts of life.

#3: Preparation

Another person mentioned the importance to prepare. If you know that your spouse is going to have something prepared for you and they have the same expectation for you, you are much more likely to bring something to the table. Or couch… wherever it is that you study. Lol.

This makes total sense to me! If, as couples, we make assignments and prepare a bit, that Come, Follow Me study becomes more real and we won’t stare aimlessly at each other wondering what to do.

#4: Youtube ?!

Okay I was shook by this answer. People study with their spouse through Youtube videos?!? Apparently there are quite a few videos that correspond with the topics each week and the information found within the videos is quite thought-provoking and informative. I found one example here:

I even found a podcast! Melanie Wellman does a podcast that corresponds with Come, Follow Me every week that you can find here.

Overall, I hope that these tips are helpful for wherever you are in your life journey and that it provides ideas for a wider variety in your study. Any additional tips or video suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below!

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