My Favorite Hairstyle from “Victoria”

So am I the only one that is totally obsessed with royalty and all the old English movies and series about English royalty ?? Based on all the responses from Instagram to me watching the PBS series “Victoria”, I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one.

Yesterday I made it through the first episode and was absolutely smitten with Queen Victoria’s hairstyle. Growing up, I was a professional braider as they say. I spent hours and hours braiding my hair with bobby pins strewn across the bathroom counter as I fit everything into place perfectly. Updos were my jam.

After returning home from my mission to Brazil, I started to embrace just wearing my hair down and free. I learned to love my natural curls and stopped curling my hair as much. Braiding rarely happened. Yet, after watching “Victoria” last night, I had a massive itching to start back up.

Today, I will be showing you my personal recreation of Queen Victoria’s hair. It’s really quite simple. I’m pretty sure she used four strand braids, but for simplicity’s sake, I stuck to the normal 3 strand braid. Let’s do this! (Also, please let me know in the comments if you’d prefer to see this in video form. I’m just not sure that anyone wants to hear me drone on. Pictures can be easier anyways, right?)

Step 1: Get all that hair parted and ready! Start by parting your hair down the middle.

Step 2: Afterwards, separate your hair from the front of the ear. It should be a pretty clean part because you’ll be seeing it in the end result!

Step 3: Take those two divided front parts, and give them a good braid! I used a basic braid, but you could get fancy and do a four-strand! I also chose not to tie mine off with elastic because I knew my hair would hold the braid either way, and really who doesn’t lose those tiny elastics all the time?!

Step 4: Now that the main braids are done, we need to figure out the bun in the back. There are SO many different ways that this can be done, but I chose to do it in the following way. I separated the remaining hair in half horizontally. I pulled the top half so it would sit nicely on my head, and braided it. Followed by the bottom half of my hair.

Step 5: Then take that bottom braid and start to form your bun. I like to just make a oval on my head. Use a few bobby pins to make it stay.

Step 6: Now before arranging that top braid, pin those front braids into the back bun. This way, when we do arrange that top braid, we can hide the ends from the small front braids. Loop the braids right under the ear to get a similar look to Queen Victoria’s.

Step 7: Take that top braid and arrange it over the bun. Bobby pin it all to your liking. The fun part about buns is that they can be totally personalized based on your own style. Mine ended up looking like this:

Step 8: Don’t forget the hairspray!

And there’s your final look! I’m excited to keep watching the series to find other cute new hairstyles to try!

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