My One Rule to Better Enjoy Social Media

I feel like a lot of times my Instagram feed is full of people saying how terrible social media can be because everyone is comparing themselves to others. Or how we all need to snap out of it and realize that we are awesome too.

Honestly, it almost feels like we are trying to teach ourselves that we are the coolest kid on the block. Like even though we aren’t as pretty as Khloe Kardashian, we are still better than she is. We can’t seem to take a moment to enjoy someone else’s triumphs because that would be ‘putting ourselves down’.

Maybe this is a little too straight forward or harsh, but get over yourself. Life is not about who goes on the coolest trips, or wears the cutest clothes, or has the best abs. You don’t need to aspire to that.

Social media was not meant to make people feel bad, as much as some people tend to think. Social media was meant to help connect people. To maintain friendships and share support. I don’t know why everyone started deeming it as evil. We have made social media something that it was not meant to be. A constant competition.

A year or so ago, I came up with a rule to help me focus on connecting with others rather than getting involved with this comparing stuff. If I am going to pick up my phone and scroll through Instagram, I have to comment on at least three posts. It can be something as simple as “So cute!” or something a bit longer like a story or a scripture to help comfort someone.

This helps me to feel like I’m creating connections. Maintaining friendships. Supporting others. It helps me use social media for its original purpose. And rather than leaving social media feeling bad that I don’t have fake eyelashes or the newest pair of Madewell jeans, I feel satisfied because I have friends. Because social media allows for me to have a constant support group.

I encourage you to try this out for a few days, a week, maybe a month. I want to hear your experiences! Comment below or send me a direct message on Instagram. I’d love to chat more about how it went.

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