How I Know That I Found the Right Man to Marry

I am twenty-one years old.

For some people, that would be considered an acceptable age to get married. For others, it may be seen as too young to ‘tie myself down to someone for the rest of my life.’

Those who see me as too young may question how I know that I actually want to get married, let alone how I found someone who makes being a young single woman lose its charm.

Yet, somehow I found the right man for me to marry.

He is not perfect, but he is absolutely perfect for me.

If I could choose one word to describe him, I would choose thoughtful. He is always thinking of how to make me the happiest or most comfortable in any given circumstance.

He is incredibly intelligent and has taught me that Google can be a wonderful friend.

He is the only person I’ve ever met who understands my weird sense of humor so well. He legitimately thinks I’m funny. (At least I think he does…)

He is tall and definitely has some serious muscle. I just love the way he tenderly sweeps me up in his arms. It makes me feel so tiny and delicate.

But how did I know? How did I know that I wanted to spend my forever with him?

Quite simply, it was in the first days that we were dating. It was in the way we would lose track of time and stay up way too late the day before midterms just talking about life. The way that conversation flowed freely, and how from day one, I knew I could trust him with anything.

It was in the moments when I caught brief glimpses of him doing simple things like reading, doing homework, or making me dinner. In those moments, I could almost feel my heart catch on fire from the complete admiration I felt for him.

But the memory that stands out the most to me, was laying on his too-small couch, listening to “Just Say You Won’t Let Go”, and looking into his deep blue-green eyes. And slowly my heart started to put together pieces. I saw everything that we had already gone through, and I could almost see everything that we would go through.

Me dressed in white on our wedding day. Graduating from college together. Buying our first home. Having our own little babies, and watching them grow. Traveling the world together.

I could almost see potential challenges we would face, and how our hearts would break. Yet, we would remain glued together because together we could accomplish anything.

It was in that moment that I truly knew that I had found the right person for me to marry. The person I was willing to ride the rollercoaster of life with. The person who, no matter what, I wanted to be there for.

To whomever is out there, reading this, if you are currently debating if you’ve found your right person, reflect on everything about them. The flaws you have encountered, are they ones you are willing to live with for forever? Do you have doubts of your own self-worth, or worries that you would not be capable of finding someone else? Please remember that you are incredible. Never settle for less. I hope that the man you’re considering marrying, treats you like the queen that you are.

To those who may be searching for someone to be your ‘right person’, never stop. Never settle. Become the person that you want to find, and then search diligently.

To all, remember that as much as our fairytale loving heart would like to believe, soulmates are not real. There is not one right person for you, there could be multiple. We all have both positive and negative attributes, similar interests, and we learn to grow together through everything.

That’s what makes love so magical. We change and grow, no more alone, but rather together.


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