The Wedding Invites that Saved Our Budget

I think it’s easy to say that when you get engaged, there are two conversations you must have with your families that are difficult. One is the date you choose to get married, and the other is how finances will work with your upcoming nuptials.

I am the second daughter in my family to get married, and my parents had learned enough from the first to know the best way to arrange finances. They decided that they would give me a certain amount of money to spend on my dress, photography, and wedding invitations. They knew that those three things would each be something that we, as their daughters, would want done differently and customized to our individual personalities. I think it was pure brilliance on my parents’ part!

That being said, I was a little stressed at how I was going to use that sum of money for those three things. I tried browsing used wedding dresses on Facebook Marketplace and KSL, but couldn’t find anything that I loved. I knew I would probably have to invest in a dress that was a bit more pricey. I also knew that photography wasn’t cheap. So before anything else, I started on one of the beginning steps of wedding planning: the invites.

I did a loooooottttttt of research. A lot. Really. We are talking hours and hours. Eventually, I came across a website called Vistaprint.

Vistaprint was a sweet blessing to my wallet. They have a variety of different designs and color schemes, and we were easily able to find what we wanted! We even bought an ink stamp from them to make it easier to put our address on the many many envelopes we were about to send off.

We were so extremely satisfied with Vistaprint, that when the time came around to order ‘Thank You’ cards, I didn’t hesitate to pull their website up once again!

Orion and I decided on postcards instead of regular cards, because, well, it’s an adorable idea. Once again, they arrived, and my heart about burst at the seams from joy, and my wallet stayed calmly in my pocket. No stress here!

I would highly recommend Vistaprint to absolutely anyone who is searching for any type of photo product. I love them so much, that as soon as my ‘Thank You’ postcards arrived, I hopped onto their website to see how I could become an affiliate because of how much I love their product!

I will say that they always have deals, but the deals vary depending on the day. I suggest checking prices on the daily until you find a price that you’re somewhat satisfied with. But once you find that deal? Girl, you better jump on it because I can’t guarantee that it will last long.

I hope this post helped both your finance-worrying-minds and your wallets. I know these bits of advice sure helped me!

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