Friend Dates and Salad

Okay, so today was fabulous for two different reasons.

First, I got to see my good friend Savannah. Savannah went home for a couple months, but I could not be more glad that she is back.

We met when she was first moving in to the same apartment complex I was living at. I offered to help her and her mother move the last of her stuff in, and we ended up finding out that both of our parents had the exact same names! Which is uncommon when your mother’s name is Annjanette!

As the semester went on, Savannah and I found that we were both decently big health nuts. We would chat over lentil taco meat, or quinoa crusted pizza. We were always sharing healthy recipes and foods with one another.

So it is no surprise to me, that Savannah offered to bring lunch, and she brought me a salad. I. Love. Salad. I try and eat salad on a daily basis because it is so amazing for your body.

Look at this salad that she brought me!

It was full of strawberries, mandarin oranges, cranberries, cashews, quinoa, and bacon. All topped off with a balsamic vinaigrette. Doesn’t your mouth water just thinking about it?!

I am forever grateful for good friends and people that just get you. Don’t lose those people.

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