Honeymooning in Vancouver

Orion and I decided to honeymoon in Vancouver BC. I had always wanted to go to Canada, and never had the chance. He lives so close, but had never been to the city of Vancouver. So why not, right?! 

We arrived there on a Sunday afternoon, and made our way to our AirBnb. It actually was situated in the city of Coquitlam about half an hour outside of Vancouver. At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like being so far away from our destination, but I am forever grateful that we were! 

Vancouver was a buuuusy city. The streets were jam packed of people and cars. Parking was a bit of a hassle, we had to pay almost EVERYWHERE we parked! But after about four days, we got the hang of it and it wasn’t as stressful.

We also forgot to take in to account that we would be in a foreign country, and thus, would not have cell service. *facepalm* To say the least, it was quite interesting to try and make our way around a huge city without the help of Siri.

We also found that a lot of the mass touristy things were priiiiicy for our recently newlywed budget. But we still found things to see, and sneaky ways to eliminate some costs…. whoops.

For example… we read online that the view at Vancouver Lookout was nice, but not nice enough for what they wanted to charge for it. We decided to ‘head to the restaurant’, look at some menus while checking out the view, and then head back down. I didn’t feel all that terrible because I really did want to know what the prices were at the restaurant. And to no surprise, they were pretty steep. Yikes.

My favorite place that we visited was definitely Granville Island Public Market. We went there on our last night, and I TOTALLY regret not making it there sooner. It was full of fresh fruits, flowers, trinkets, and a wide variety of international restaurants. 

We decided on a Chinese restaurant, and it was easily the best Chinese food I have ever had. Hands down. We took our food out to the dock where there were plenty of benches, and even live music. It was one of those moments I wish I could’ve captured in a bottle, to be opened on tough days. It was absolutely beautiful. 

We also tried a lot of other different kinds of food that I had never eaten! We tried to eat at a different restaurant every night with different kinds of food. We had Mexican food, Greek food, Vietnamese food, you name it!

We also spent a lot of time finding snacks we had never tried before. Have you ever heard of ketchup chips? I personally liked them, Orion wasn’t a fan. But let me tell you about MAPLE BACON POTATO CHIPS. Those things are a game changer. We ate a whole bag in one day!

We also noticed a Tim Horton’s on every corner. They sell a variety of donut holes at really good prices! My favorite was the raspberry filled ones dusted with powdered sugar. Mmm!

One night, we headed over to a little beach to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful, and perfectly crisp weather. Wow, the more that I reminisce on Vancouver, my desire to go back grows more and more!

Vancouver was a wonderful place to vacation, and I am counting down the days until I can return with my cute husband, and maybe a few more Wellers…. who knows? 😉

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