Olympic Game Farm

The Olympic Game Farm has made the list of favorite things I’ve done in my life. I’m guessing that the chance of you ever making it up to the Olympic peninsula is rare, BUT if you do, GO!!! (Also the people up there are like the nicest and everything is green and it’s really quite the dream. 10/10 would recommend).

So it goes like this. You get in your car, (preferably one where all windows where passengers sit can be rolled down), and drive up to the ticket booth. The price is a bit steep ($17 for an adult), but you fork out the money and also buy a loaf of bread ($3.00). Make sure to drive slooooow and DONT STOP. Animals can and will surround your vehicle! Keep your windows rolled down so you can feed the animals bread, but not TOO rolled down. Those zebras get greedy and will stick their huge heads in your car…

We had so much fun! We got to be so close to so many different kinds of animals! It was a blast and a half! Here are a few pictures and videos that I got from our fun little adventure…

Before we get too much excitement going on, we stopped at the Game Farm’s petting zoo and got to hang out with goats!
There were peacocks everywhere!
Also plenty of deer! One of Orion’s favorite moments was petting one.
They’d get soooo desperate !
Seriously… #UNREAL
Just nibbling on my window. Nbd.
That post-Sunday dinner feeling…
Orion would throw the bread over the fence and the bears would get so happy!
Also saw some tigers and a lion.
Who could forget the Bison ?!? These things were scary huge and left SOOOO much slime on the windows!

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