Our Fourth of July

While I was growing up, my mom always had a slight obsession with hot air balloons. She would make all of us wake up at five-thirty in the morning, drive to Winco to pick up some donuts and chocolate milk, and drive us out to a park in Boise. We would all proceed to get out of our suburban, and set down the old flowery picnic blanket where we devoured maple bars covered in sprinkles and plastic cups full of chocolate goodness. We sat and waited, all half-asleep, until the balloons started to ascend into the sky.

It was something so simple, yet so enjoyable, that those early mornings with my mom have stuck with me.

Imagine my joy and excitement when I discovered that Provo would be sending off hot air balloons for the fourth of July! I didn’t even give Orion an option. We were going!

He picked me up bright and early, and we headed to Smith’s to grab some donuts. We have the same taste in donuts so it was easy. Maple bars, and custard filled donuts. Mmm. And Orion grabbed a whole GALLON of chocolate milk! Oh my…

We walked over to Bulldog field, set up our nice fluffy white blanket, and enjoyed watching the balloons fill up, and fly away.

I couldn’t help but reminisce over those chilly summer mornings with my mom as a kid. Everything was the same, but at the same time, so completely different. I never would have guessed as a child, that years later, I would be watching the hot air balloons take off with my future husband.

We finished our night off with burgers, a movie, and what is the Fourth of July without fireworks?! We didn’t light any off, but rather enjoyed the peace of our front yard with the chaos of light and colors all around us.

How grateful I am to live in a country where we are granted so many liberties and freedoms. And how especially grateful I am for the people who have given their lives or even time with their families to protect us and to help us continually have these freedoms.

We are so unbelievably blessed.



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