How to Book Flights for Cheap

Before I met my wizard of a husband, I would spend time looking at flights totally wide-eyed with my jaw on the floor wondering how I would ever be able to travel the world. I dreamed of having enough money to even just travel to Canada. I was not that hard to please. (Though, I have now been to Canada and can say it is DEFINITELY worth it!)

I remember after a few months of dating, Orion introduced me to a discounted airline and we found tickets to London for $300 roundtrip. But sadly enough, I didn’t even have enough money to pay for that ticket.

I like to think that it ended up being a good thing because after doing some research into that airline, I don’t think it would have been a great experience for me. #noregrets

Orion had already been to Paris and Rome. He talked about them with stars in his eyes. And the simple fact that he was willing to go to London on a whim showed me a sense of adventure that made me fall more helplessly in love with him. He wanted to take me to Europe and I wasn’t going to stop him.

Orion and I started signing up for a number of e-mail lists when cheap flights became available. Let me just put it simply: traveling became much cheaper and easier to do.

We ended up flying to Barcelona for Thanksgiving at a cheaper price than it would have been for us to fly to Seattle to be with Orion’s family. And because it was so cheap, we had sufficient funds to fly to three other cities while we were there.

What’s that? You want that too? Well that’s why I’m here today. To share some of our favorite e-mail lists and websites to get on so that you can get the cheapest flights!

#1: Flights From Home

Flights From Home basically made me cry today. I spent eighteen months living in Brazil as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I would give anything to go back. Well, anything except for the $1500 roundtrip flight that it would cost. Today they sent me a deal for $521 roundtrip. #DEAD Obviously we booked it and now I’m just counting down the days!

They send deals for international flights, and honestly a ton of great domestic flights. Sometimes you didn’t even know that you wanted to visit North Carolina, but when flights are $120 roundtrip, you pack up and go explore!

Also, side note. We don’t pay for the premium version they offer. I suppose you could if you wanted more deals. But personally if we got more deals, we’d probably travel more thus leaving our bank account a bit drier. Haha

#2: Google Flights

Okay this isn’t an e-mail list. BUT, this would be my top place to check if I needed to fly somewhere within a week and didn’t have time to wait for a sale. I used to think of Expedia as the top dog in the cheap flight industry, but Google Flights has them beat for sure.

When Orion and I were looking for our flight to Brazil, Expedia did not have the price we bought listed, but Google Flights did. Just saying. *shrug*

#3: Hopper

Hopper is SUPER awesome. You can tell them when and where you want to fly, and they will watch prices for you. They’ll notify you when it drops, and they’ll let you know if they expect it to drop more. This personally helps Orion and I to know WHEN to book, booking now or waiting a bit longer.

One of my biggest pieces of flight-booking advice is to NEVER just go on the airline’s site and book it. Wait. Examine your options. Make sure you’re getting the best deal. It stinks to book something out of haste and then a couple weeks later the price drops $150. (Yes. This DOES happen.) Hopper really helps you to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can.

#4: TravelZoo

OKAY FRIENDS. ON WEDNESDAYS WE CHECK TRAVELZOO. Seriously. I look forward to Wednesdays like some people look forward to Fridays. And it’s hump day! And even hump day can be made better by a series of fantastic travel deals!

They have deals for flights. Hotels. Flights AND hotels. Safaris. Cruises. Concerts. YOU NAME IT. If TravelZoo had an affiliate program, I would fight to be on their roster. I could sing their praises all day long. (When proofreading this post, Orion showed some disdain that I didn’t put this first on the list because we love it so much. I just wanted to save the best for last. 😉 )

So. I hope this was helpful for you! If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments. Happy traveling!

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