August 2019 Faves

  1. Recipe: I literally scream-texted Orion as I tasted this curry: “I AM A CURRY QUEEN!”. But really, anyone can be a curry queen with this delicious recipe. Growing up, I don’t think I can ever recall a time we ate curry in our house. Orion loves it, and I was extremely hesitant to ever try it. I still can be a bit reluctant because it’s so different to me, but this recipe is one I could eat for days. It’s creamy, flavorful, and hands-down the best curry I’ve ever had. I love it so much that I don’t even mind the curry smell that attaches itself to my couches for days on end. SO GOOD.
  2. Song: Okay do I actually have to pick, because the entire “Lover” album should be on here ! Who’s with me ?!? But…. if I do have to pick a favorite, who am I kidding: I’ll pick three! Death by a Thousand Cuts is sad and catchy all at once. Soon You’ll Get Better requires a few tissues to get through. And The Man is one of the sassiest and most empowering songs for a boss-woman to listen to! Catch my full August Faves playlist here.
  3. App: While Orion is a true carnivore, I usually like to stay on the plant-based side of things. I guess one could classify my diet as flexitarian, because I do enjoy meat a few times a week. But, as someone who likes to eat plant-based, it can be quite tricky to find recipes that I could actually classify as delicious. A few months ago, as I began my search, I was introduced to Ella at Deliciously Ella. Most of the recipes I’ve tried taste like food you’d buy at a restaurant and don’t make me miss meat or sugar in the slightest. I’ve read her cookbooks, but the best recipes can be found in the Deliciously Ella app. It’s only $1 a month and is updated weekly with new grubs. It also has yoga videos, which makes it perfect for all-around wellness!
  4. Book: Orion and I have spent our Saturdays over the past month in the library taking GRE practice tests. I always finish a few minutes before Orion (I have a rough time finding the patience to triple-check all my answers), and so one week I took that time to look at some books. I found The Home Edit and it looked fun! Within a few pages, I was hooked and lost in the world of aesthetic organization. The authors take you through every nook and cranny in your home and help you find sanity through organization that lasts. And they do it in a beautiful way! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs to organize, or doesn’t need to. Either way, you’ll find some new ideas.
  5. Amazon Purchase: Okay, I have to be honest here. I didn’t purchase this one. The sweetest woman in our ward was giving it away, and I jumped on it within two minutes. BUT, it’s still worth your money. I got this diffuser that came with a set of eight different oils. I’ve been interested in oils for quite some time now, and this was perfect to help me get started on my own. I have done some research on the oils and have even started creating my own blends! It helps keep me calm and simply provides a way to help my house smell better without chemically-filled air fresheners. Definitely a win!
  6. Amazon Purchase 2.0: Okay, sorry. I promised to throw in this personal blender from Amazon. It’s much cheaper than others and still does a great job. I love that I can bring the cup with me wherever I’m going and rinse it out real quick when I find a sink.
  7. Place to Go: Easy peasy this goes to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington. Hands down. No questions asked. Read more about our fun here.
  8. Instagram Account: Favorite account for this month would have to go to @imaluckypup. This account is run by my good friend Georgia for her cute pup, Lucky. I’ve never been one for dogs, but Lucky is absolutely adorable and Georgia does a great job and showcasing that aspect throughout the page.
  9. Quote:
Make a sacrifice to the Lord... and then be prepared to be surprised. God is a great compensator. #wendywatsonnelson #sacrifice #covenant #christian #lds #blessings #covenantkeepers

Orion and I have seen this so often throughout the last month. We were asked to make some pretty big sacrifices, and honestly I doubted that the blessings would come. Yet, now I find myself constantly on my knees overwhelmed with gratitude at the blessings we have been receiving. God truly is a great compensator.

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