Lakes on Lakes on Lakes

We decided to celebrate our first wedding anniversary a day early due to our actual anniversary being on Sunday. Sundays are full of meetings and the only time we actually get to spend time together is a few hours in the evening.

My Uncle Kevin called on Friday night and asked if we wanted to go on a hike with him this morning! We woke up bright and early and drove up the Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton Ski Resort where we took the hike up to Lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine.

There was a surprising amount of snow on the ground and in our measly tennis shoes, we sunk in a few times, slipped a couple times, but thankfully never fell down the mountain. It was quite an adventure. I was honestly a bit terrified at first, but on the way back I was pretty confident and did great.

The views were absolutely STUNNING and it was so fun to get to spend time with my Uncle!

Afterwards, we headed up to Deer Creek Reservoir in Provo Canyon where Qualtrics was holding one of their fantastic intern activities. They had a barbecue and rented paddle boards and jetskis! (Fun fact about me: DEATHLY afraid of water sports. I can’t swim and while I want to learn, until I do it is so scary to me.)

When we first got onto the paddle board I was holding on for dear life. Orion got me to put one leg on each side and he rowed. We sat out on the lake for awhile and just talked, enjoying floating along. And on the way back, Orion wanted to try to stand! It took a couple minutes for him to feel comfortable, but he did great and didn’t even fall in!

When it was our turn on a jet-ski, I got to see little boy Orion. Neither of us had been on a jetski before. I let him drive and I held on for dear life behind him. Once he figured out how fast that thing could go he was hollering and screaming having the ride of his life. Meanwhile, I was repenting of any forgotten sins in the case of my death haha But Orion started to get the hang of it, and I started to trust him more.

The only thing he really had issues with was turning which everyone seemed to say was hard. There were a few times when he was trying to figure it out that I almost got thrown off. He finally (thought) he had figured it out and did a few more turns before taking us back to shore. As luck would have it, on his last turn he threw both of us off.

Yes I was traumatized. Yes I swallowed water because I was not prepared and was totally fighting a panic attack. I hurried and flipped onto my back because as my parents will tell you, that is the ONE way I feel comfortable in the water. We got back to the jetski, and we climbed back on and Orion took us (slowly) back to shore. I’ve since moved on a bit, but it still scared me. I’m not too surprised though that Orion is now set on moving next to a lake so he can justify buying one for himself.

Afterwards we headed home to make grocery lists and start the laundry. We went to Mo Bettah’s for dinner. It’s absolutely delicious Hawaiian meats with rice and macaroni salad. Orion had had it with his friend Alex once and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. I am so glad that I agreed to try it with him!

Then, Orion let me pick dessert and I got to live out my dream to get the German Chocolate Cake at Last Course. The price tag was a little steep ($16 with a scoop of ice cream), but the experience was so fun! It comes in a little milk chocolate orb that you pour hot caramel sauce on and you get to watch the chocolate orb melt to reveal the cake inside. So fun!

It was such an adventurous day and I am so glad that we have finally hit the year mark on our marriage. It is such a sigh of relief knowing that no matter what happens, he can be mine for eternity.

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