The Second of Our Fourths

This was the second 4th of July that Orion and I spent together. Last time we were a few weeks away from getting married, but this time we are a few weeks away from our first anniversary. Exciting times.

We kept up with our hot air balloon and donut trend. Last time I rented a camera from the library, but this time I have my own. Last time I took over one hundred pictures just of the balloons. This time I realized that I didn’t need a bunch of pictures that all looked the same but just rather a few. Last time I ate so many donuts and drank so much chocolate milk that I got sick to my stomach. Orion remembered and reminded me of this so that this time I didn’t get sick. Last time the weather was great and we got to watch the balloons take off. This time, it was too windy and we missed out on that privilege.

Either way, we had a great time both times.

We went home and I went Marie Kondo and deep cleaned our bedroom. Under the bed, all the nooks and crannies of the closet, all pretty much cleared out. We tried holding an in-house garage sale over the weekend to sell most of it, but no one came. #lol@us We just took most of it to the DI, and I honestly feel so relieved to not have all of that stuff we never use not taking up space in our bedroom ! I just need to make time to do the office desk at some point… yikes.

Our original plans got cancelled and we ended up getting to spend some time with our good friends Kaleib and Cami. We BBQed it up with them, made s’mores cookies (they weren’t great but I am accepting people’s tried and true recipes, key words: tried and true), and watched fireworks on the lawn in front of the temple. AND we were in bed by eleven. I’d call that a great day!

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