Hi there! 👋

I am a nationally board certified counselor in the state of Maryland seeing children, teens, young adults, and couples.

An Advocate

When it comes to younger clients, I believe it really does take a village. Because of this, I enjoy working actively with their teachers, school counselors, and parents/guardians. I see myself as an advocate for my clients and do my best to ensure they receive proper testing and the accommodations necessary to thrive both at home and at school.

What I Work With

If you are struggling with something not on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am happy to help you find someone who may be a good match for you or your family member.

Therapeutic Approaches

Creativity & Play

One of my favorite ways to connect with youth is by entering their world from a creative stand-point. I enjoy using art, music, and games in session to connect with feelings and experiences.


I believe that each individual can often use the strengths they already have to get “un-stuck” and become even greater than they already are.


Our thoughts greatly impact many of the behaviors we exhibit! I believe that if we can work on changing our thoughts, we can help change our behaviors as well.

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